Prepare for the Physical Agility

You must pass the physical agility exam to become a Police Officer with our agency.  The physical agility test is broken into two parts; a simulated pursuit and a dummy drag. The first part of the physical agility test is designed to simulate the pursuit of a fleeing person. You will be required to satisfactorily complete the simulated pursuit of approximately 1,130 feet within 2 minutes and 10 seconds. Successful completion of the simulated pursuit is required before advancing to the dummy drag, which is designed to simulate moving an injured person to a position of safety. For the dummy drag you will be required to drag a 165 pound dummy in any reasonable manner for 20 feet within 10 seconds.  

Both parts of the agility exam are scored on a pass/fail basis and you will be notified whether you passed or failed upon completion of each event. You will have only one opportunity to complete each event. Click here to view a map of the physical agility course and view the video below for a demonstration of the physical agility exam.


Need help preparing?  Contact a recruiter for more information.