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The Patrol Division is the "front line" of the Roseville Police Department. Uniformed patrol officers, community service officers and cadets respond to the scene of both emergency and non-emergency crimes, traffic collisions and other requests for police service, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Civilian Community Service Officers, or "CSOs", effectively handle many not-in-progress crime reports, traffic collisions, missing person reports, abandoned vehicle complaints, and many other types of service requests that do not require a sworn police officer to respond.

Every Roseville police officer not only patrols a beat and responds to calls for service, but is also assigned to a smaller neighborhood area. Each officer monitors crime and disorder problems in his or her assigned neighborhood, attends neighborhood association meetings, and tries to get to know the residents and neighborhood leaders.

Although officers patrol in marked police cars most of the time, some also periodically patrol their assigned neighborhoods and bike trails on bicycles. Officers on bicycles are able to more easily visit with residents, and are also able to patrol in areas that are not as accessible in vehicles. Patrol officers place the bike rack on their assigned car to transport the bicycle to their designated location for patrol.


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