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Crime Suppression Unit

The Crime Suppression Unit was formed in July of 2005 as a part of the Patrol Division to provide the Department with the ability to quickly address emerging crime trends and problem areas. CSU allows the Department to direct resources to a specific problem without diverting Patrol officers from responding to calls for service. The overriding philosophy of the Crime Suppression Unit is that crime can be deterred from occurring through highly proactive enforcement and through directed enforcement following creative problem oriented policing strategies.

 Crime Suppression Unit officers work in a variety of marked and unmarked vehicles, bicycle patrol, and foot patrol depending on the problem they are addressing. The main priorities of the Crime Suppression Unit are:

  1. Gang Enforcement and Suppression
  2. Problem-Oriented Policing Projects
  3. Property Crime Suppression
  4. Warrant Service
  5. Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) Enforcement

Members of the Crime Suppression Unit are also available to provide gang education presentations for your school or community group. These presentations are geared towards local gang issues, risk factors for youth joining gangs, and the Department’s response to local gang issues.

Contact Information
Crime Suppression Unit Officers (916) 746-1072 or 746-1073.
Crime Suppression Unit Sergeant (916) 746-1074.