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Chaplain graphicThe Placer County Law Enforcement Chaplaincy (PCLEC) is a field service ministry incorporated in 1986. It serves both the members of Law Enforcement and their families, and works through Law Enforcement to act as victims' advocates for the citizens of Placer County. The Chaplaincy provides trained, critical incident Chaplains around the clock. They also provide critical incident stress training and other preventative services to law enforcement. The chaplains serve ten city, county and state law enforcement agencies at 14 locations throughout Placer County.

Proactive Services:

  • Ride-Alongs - Patrol Officers and Detectives.
  • Visitations - All agencies, sworn and non-sworn alike.
  • Backup Resources - List of current available resources.
  • Weddings - Including pre-marital counseling.
  • Training - Related law enforcement topics.

Reactive Responses

  • Crisis Response - Emergency call outs around the clock.
  • Crisis Intervention - Mediation or intervention for suicide attempts or threats.
  • Referral Service - For bio-hazard cleanup after trauma cases.
  • Death Notifications - "On call" to assist all agencies as necessary.
  • Counseling Services - For law enforcement families (job, marriage, family) .
  • Funeral or Memorial Services.
  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing - To all first responders.
  • Visitation - To sick or injured officers or their family members.

Volunteer Associate Chaplains

The PCLEC also utilizes a Corps of Volunteer Chaplains. These chaplains are ordained ministers who go through a specialized FTO program and receive training in a variety of topics such as death notifications, crime scene logistics, ride-along procedures, bloodborne and airborne pathogens, and suicides, to name but a few. Each chaplain attends a monthly training seminar, rides a shift in a patrol car, and writes a monthly report.

International Conference Of Police Chaplains

PCLEC Chaplains attend regional and national training seminars sanctioned by the International Conference of Police Chaplains, and are certified by them as either Basic, Senior, or Master level Chaplains.

Non-Profit Status

The Placer County Law Enforcement Chaplaincy is a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) religious corporation. The chaplaincy receives support from United Way, private & corporate donations, employee payroll deductions, grants, and city and county funds. The chaplaincy holds its financial responsibilities very seriously and is neither wasteful nor extravagant. If you would like to assist this ministry, please contact us.

Placer County
Law Enforcement Chaplaincy

Jim Milne
Lead Chaplain
(916) 663-2427