Email and Telephone List

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Administration Investigations / Detectives Patrol Division
Command Staff Jail Division Traffic Division
Community Services Management Team
Animal Control Volunteer Division

Name Assignment Phone Number
Command Staff
Police Chief Jim Maccoun Chief of Police 916-774-5010
Captain Stefan Moore Services Commander 916-774-5044
Captain Troy Bergstrom Operations Commander 916-774-5058
Management Team
Lieutenant Merv Screeton Investigations Lieutenant 916-746-1043
Lieutenant Marc Glynn Traffic and Community Services Lieutenant 916-774-5095
Lieutenant Maria Richardson Patrol Lieutenant 916-774-5079
Lieutenant Doug Blake Patrol Lieutenant 916-774-1058
Lieutenant Brian Lewis Patrol Lieutenant 916-774-1051
Lieutenant Jeff Kool Patrol Lieutenant 916-774-1058
Administrator Claudia Villa Records, Property and Evidence, CSI Manager 916-774-5003
Administrator Katie Braverman 911 Dispatch/Communications Manager 916-774-5037
Administrator Bridgette Dean A.S.W., M.S.W., Manager of Social Services Unit 916-774-5017
Professional Standards and Training Roseville Civic Center, 311 Vernon Street
Lieutenant Josh Simon Professional Standards & Training 916-774-5059
Sergeant Scott Blynn Training manager 916-746-1076
Officer Doug Brown Background investigator 916-746-1067
Chris Mitchell Background investigator 916-257-0478
Administration Staff
Gayle Smithson Administrative Assistant
Assistant to Chief of Police
Shelly Bracco Administrative Analyst, Budget 916-774-5018
Liz Luevano Records and Payroll 916-774-5010
Anke De Smet Alarm permits & false alarm billing coordinator 916-774-5093
Investigations Division
Sergeant Kelby Newton Detective Sergeant 916-774-5083
Detective James Aguirre Detective, Property Crimes
Detective Chad Baumann 916-746-1075
Detective Lyubomir Benedyuk Detective, Placer Regional Auto Theft Task Force 916-625-5467
Detective Adrian Coghlan Detective, persons crimes 916-774-5072
Detective Pat Ganguet Detective, technology crimes 916-774-5074
Detective James Haggerty Detective, persons crimes 916-774-5023
Detective David Harlan Detective, persons crimes 916-774-5024
Detective Darren Marks Detective, persons crimes 916-746-1071
Detective Ken Nakamura Detective, Property Crimes 916-774-5073
Detective Kate Quaratarolo Detective, persons crimes 916-746-1028
Detective Chris Uribe Detective, property crimes 916-746-1086
Detective Jeremy Screeton Detective, Special Investigations Unit 916-409-8280
Dottie Castro CSO/Investigator, Permits Coordinator 916-774-3745
Kim Crawford CSO/Investigator 916-774-5068
Amanda Jones     Crime Analyst 916-774-5025
Jason Rudolph Crime Analyst 916-746-1012
Social Services Unit
Sgt. Jeff Beigh Supervisor, Social Services/youth services 916-774-5052
Officer Jed O'Rourke Problem Oriented Policing Officer 916-871-3501
Marc Kelley School Resource Officer, Roseville High
Dan Miller School Resource Officer, Oakmont High
Gary Smith School Police Officer, Woodcreek High
Community Services
Sgt. Darren Kato Crime Suppression Unit supervisor (916)774-5073
Officer Rob Pratt Crime Suppression Unit (916)746-1072
Officer Mike Ryland Crime Suppression Unit (916)746-1073
Officer Dan Stokes Crime Suppression Unit (916)746-1074
Officer Jeremy Guess Crime Suppression Unit (916)774-5081
Officer Chris Trudell Crime Suppression Unit (916)774-5077
Dee Dee Gunther Public Information Officer 916-774-5015
Rob Baquera Community Relations,
Neighborhood Watch
Jason Rudolph Crime Analyst 916-746-1012
Amanda Wardelman Crime Analyst 916-774-5025
Traci West Training and volunteer coordinator 916-746-1081
Viviana Nevarez Police Activities League (RPAL) Coordinator 916-772-7725
Patrol Division
Sergeant Mike Anderson Supervisor, Patrol 916-774-5042
Sergeant Jason Bosworth Supervisor, Patrol 916-774-5042
Sergeant Bret Brzyscz Supervisor, Patrol 916-774-5042
Sergeant David Buelow Supervisor, Patrol 916-774-5042
Sergeant Karl Dyer Supervisor, Patrol 916-774-5042
Sergeant Phil Mancini Supervisor, Patrol 916-774-5042
Sergeant Missy Morris Supervisor, Patrol 916-774-5042
Sergeant Ryan Nottleson Supervisor, Patrol 916-774-5042
Sergeant Andrew Palmore Supervisor, Patrol 916-774-5042
Michael Advincula Reserve Police Officer
Brian Albonetti Police Officer
David Alfonso     Police Officer
Derek Anganes Police Officer
Cameron Bal Police Officer
Ryan Bal Police Officer
Mykel Barbour Police Officer
Alexander Bartkiewicz Police Officer
Jennifer Bland Police Officer
Cliff Chapman Police Officer
Scott Christian Police Officer
Gary Cole Police Officer
Greggory Cole     Police Officer
Timothy Downes Police Officer, DUI enforcement
Jordan Duncan Police Officer
Steven Foster Police Officer
Nicolas Gaines Police Officer
Stephanie Giannini Community Service Officer
Benjamin Gillespie Police Officer
Robert Gillis Police Officer
Ron Goodpaster Police Officer
Chelsea Gomez     Community Service Officer
Alana Grove Police Officer
Kyle Gruchow     Police Officer
Michael Hagerman Police Officer
Jordan Haley Reserve Police Officer
Nathan Hance Police Officer
Daniel Hawley Police Officer
Bryan Hays Police Officer
John Helliwell Police Officer
Lee Hendrick Police Officer
Rick Hinds Police Officer
Matthew Jones Police Officer
Lloyd Lackl Police Officer
Cameron Landon Police Officer
Gage Lawley Police Officer
Matthew Leatherman Police Officer
Lexi Loris Police Officer    
Alfonso Loza-Loza Community Service Officer
Jesus Loza Community Services Officer
Casey Mara Police Officer
Donald Mason Police Officer
Scott Miszkewycz Police Officer
Chris Nowicki Police Officer
Joseph Patton Police Officer
Justin Pruette Police Officer
Richard Rahn Police Officer
Andy Schuetz Community Services Officer, Patrol
Nina Phelps Community Service Officer, Traffic 916-774-5098
Michael Sidebottom Police Officer, Crime Suppression Unit
Aaron Splawn Police Officer
Randy Thompson Rangemaster 916-774-5099
Jim Thorndyke Police Officer
Laura Valdez Community Service Officer
Sean Van Der Wende Police Officer
Byron Walker Reserve Police Officer
Dan Wanamaker Police Officer
Curtis Watkins Police Officer
Jerry Wernli Police Officer
Joshua Wheeler Police Officer
Timothy Williams Police Officer
Adaris Wilson Police Officer
Tom Wright Reserve Police Officer
Traffic Division
Mark Brazeal Sergeant, traffic supervisor 916-774-5088
Chris Ciampa Motor Police Officer
Eric Eastman Motor Police Officer
Matt Janney Motor Police Officer
Todd Lynn Motor Police Officer
Tyler Wolters Motor Police Officer    
Hans Klaasen Motor Police Officer
Nina Phelps       Community Service Officer 916-774-5098
Kay Sakamoto Community Service Officer 916-774-5098
Crime Scene Investigation
Norma Screeton Police Property and Evidence Supervisor
Rich Phillips Police Scene Technician
Kelly Barcus Police Scene Technician
Shauna Brewer Police Scene Technician
Animal Control
John Bennett Animal Control Supervisor 916-774-5090
Sarah DeRego Animal Control Officer 916-774-5090
Debra Dalton Animal Control Officer 916-774-5090