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The Roseville Police Department invests in youth!

  • Roseville Police Department youth service officers work in middle and high schools to keep campuses safe and to help build strong relationships with youth, now and for the future.
  • The Roseville Police Department also believes in addressing problems early on, before they become big problems. For that reason, Roseville police staff contact parents of arrested or cited youth within a week of arrest, to assess the situation, make referrals, and immediately help identifying underlying causes of delinquent behavior.
  • Roseville Police believe in having fun! The Roseville Police Activities League (RPAL), Cops Care Kids Camp and Santa parties are just a few of the ways officers and youth come together for fun, exercise, recreation and education.

Running Away and Truancy

Truancy is a very serious matter. The Roseville Police Department’s Juvenile Division has made it a priority. In the State of California, 78% of prison inmates had truancy as the first entry on their arrest records and 82% of prisoners today are school dropouts. RPD's school resource officers work closely with their assigned schools to quickly intervene with students who have unauthorized absences.

Running away is not a crime, but when young people run away, they are at risk of being victimized by those who prey on vulnerable youth. The Roseville Police Department recognizes the importance of assisting families who are experiencing out of control adolescent behavior. If you have concerns about your teenager's behavior, talk to your school resource officer, or call RPD's police therapist, Beverly Gable, at 774-5017.

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School Resource Officer:

The Roseville Police Department has three police officers assigned to each of Roseville's comprehensive high schools. The school resource officers are responsible for handling calls for police service at their respective campuses. In addition to providing a safe environment for students and staff, the school resource officers provide various social service referrals to students and their families. The school resource officers have built a foundation of and trust and open communication with the students and staff at their campuses.

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Counseling Interns:

Interns contact families from police reports whose children have been cited by law enforcement. They offer assessment, counseling services, and referrals to families whose children have come in contact with law enforcement or were referred by the school system. Interns are social work students earning a Masters or Bachelor degree from local universities. Interns are headquartered at the police department and at school sites throughout the City of Roseville.

For more information about this program, please contact Roseville Police Therapist Bev Gable at 916-774-5017. 
View the Roseville PD Intern Counseling Program video.

An informational brochure listing all of the services is available here.

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Youth Services Staff

Sgt. Josh Simon

(916) 774-5052 Youth Services Supervisor
Beverly Gable , M.F.T. (916) 774-5017 Youth and Family Services Therapist
Officer Courtney Sens        

 (916)782-3781 ext. 2340

Oakmont High School

Officer Carlos Cortes

(916) 782-3753 [ext. 3090] Roseville High School
Officer Ryan Nottleson (916) 771-6565 ext. 4267 Woodcreek High School
Roseville Police Activities League (RPAL) (916) 746-1054 or 774-5052 Low cost, high-fun after school and school break programs
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