Child Abduction

Child Safety: Prevention of Child Abduction

For Parents:

  • Know what clothing your child is wearing each day. Make a mental note of colors, shoes, hair style.
  • Do not advertise the family finances, vacation plans, or usual routines. Kidnappers often keep a house under surveillance before striking.
  • Talk to your kids about the importance of not talking to strangers and to never offer any information.
  • Make certain that all outside doors, windows, and screens are locked before leaving your home.
  • Keep the door to the children’s room open so unusual sounds can be heard. Make sure the child’s room is not easy accessible from the outside.
  • Never leave children outside playing for a long time without supervision.
  • Avoid obvious indications that you are not home, and keep the residence well lighted.
  • Tell your children which neighbor’s home you feel comfortable having them go to in the event of an emergency.

For Children:

  • Establish a code word with your parents to be used by people who care for you when they are gone. Refuse to give any information to anyone who does not have it.
  • Never tell anyone on the telephone that you are home alone. Tell them, "My parents can't come to the telephone right now. May I take a message?"
  • Always travel in pairs; use the "buddy system".
  • If someone attempts to take you – kick, scream and make as much noise as possible. When you get away, tell someone you trust immediately.
  • Use supervised play areas.
  • Walk on heavily traveled streets.
  • Listen to your "gut feeling" if you begin to feel uncomfortable!
  • Never leave home without informing your parents!