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Roseville Neighborhood Watch

Introduction by Chief Hahn [click for video]

 Neighborhood Watch Program in the City of Roseville:

Neighborhood Watch is a group of residents that organize to help prevent crime in their neighborhood.  Neighbors work closely together to be on the lookout for suspicious activity and report it to the police.  It is one of the most effective programs in the country today.  A unified neighborhood is the best defense against crime.

Our Neighborhood Watch program in the City of Roseville includes both a Virtual Neighborhood Watch and Traditional Neighborhood Watch.  Both are effective and can be used in conjunction with each other to create an even better communication system to keep your neighborhood safe.

Virtual Neighborhood Watch

The Virtual Neighborhood Watch program is conducted using various electronic applications to foster neighbor-to-neighbor communication.  The City of Roseville, as well as the Police Department, are using Nextdoor*, a private social network for neighborhoods, to communicate to residents.  Many neighborhood watch and crime watch groups across the country use Nextdoor* every day to help keep their neighborhoods safe.

Traditional Neighborhood Watch

Our Traditional Neighborhood Watch program does not require any electronic devices. Neighbor-to-neighbor communication is done using “traditional” methods such as phone calling and meeting face to face.

This guide includes a one-page instruction for a “Virtual Neighborhood Watch Program” and a one-page instruction for a “Traditional” Neighborhood Watch program.  The rest of the guide is composed of sample handouts and forms that you may find useful.  Review both programs to find the one that best fits the need of your neighborhood.  You can even create your own hybrid Neighborhood Watch program by taking some ideas from each. 

Virtual Neighborhood Watch using Nextdoor*

Invite all of your neighbors to join Nextdoor*. 

Once you have joined Nextdoor*, you can then invite your neighbors to join also. 

Inviting your neighbors is the most important step because the more members that join Nextdoor*, the more eyes there are looking out for the neighborhood.

Create a private Nextdoor* group for your Neighborhood Watch group.

Private groups enable you to have private discussions that are only visible to its members.  You can create a private group just for your Neighborhood Watch group. Go to your neighborhood’s group page to create one.  Your neighbors will then need to join this private group.

Register your phone number with Nextdoor* in order to get urgent alerts via mobile phone text message. (optional)

An urgent alert is a special type of message that reaches neighbors immediately via mobile phone text message and email. Neighbors can send urgent alerts when they notice suspicious activity or serious safety issues. To be notified via text message, you must register your phone number on the mobile phone settings page.

Let your crime prevention group’s members know how to get urgent alerts via mobile phone text message.  (optional)

Make sure that your neighbors get important alerts about suspicious activity or safety issues. Ask them to register their phone numbers by going to the mobile phone settings page.

Report suspicious activity or safety issues to your Nextdoor* neighborhood.  Always call 9-1-1 first in case of an emergency, to report suspicious activity, or a crime in progress.

After you call 9-1-1 and report the incident, you can either post a message or send an urgent alert to all your neighbors.  If you send an urgent alert, Nextdoor* will immediately send an email and a mobile phone text message to your neighbors.

Once you have established your Neighborhood Watch group, make sure to register it with the Roseville Police Department. 

You can complete the registration form using the online or the pdf version. You will then be put on our mailing list to receive our monthly 9-1-1 Newsletter to share with your group and receive notification of upcoming meetings.

Meet your neighbors.  (optional)

Meetings or social events are a good way to put a face with the names in your group.  You are better able to recognize strangers when you can identify all of your neighbors. 

Nextdoor can help you organize and promote events within your neighborhood. If you choose to have a Neighborhood Watch meeting you will find a sample agenda and handouts that may be useful for your first meeting.

*Note: Nextdoor is not affiliated with the Roseville Police Department. Nextdoor is a private social network. Therefore, the RPD has no control of any information that is shared on the site.

Traditional Neighborhood Watch, No apps needed

Define your neighborhood geographically. 

Start small so you and your neighbors can get to know each other.  You can always add homes/areas later.  Make a map of your neighborhood using the link or similar mapping program, like google maps. (see map)

Determine if there is interest in having a program in your neighborhood by contacting your neighbors.

Contact neighbors to see if any are interested in helping form the Neighborhood Watch group. 

Leave a note for those that are not home to see if there are any concerns or if they wish to be part of the group.  (see example letter)

Exchange contact information with those who respond.

Planning your Neighborhood Watch meeting:

Schedule a place and time for your neighborhood meeting.  The meeting can be at a residence or at a public place like a park or pizza parlor. 

Invite all of your neighbors to attend.  Leave an invitation for neighbors that are not home. (see example flyer)

The “Neighborhood Watch Starter Kit” (on the Community Services’ website) contains copies of all of the handouts that you can use at your first meeting as well as sample letters, agendas, etc.

Begin planning your first Neighborhood Watch meeting.  Use the meeting checklist to assist your planning.  Have an agenda to handout to all attendees. (see agenda)

Final steps:

Conduct your Neighborhood Watch meeting.

Register your group with the Police Department.  (Online form, PDF form )

Order your Neighborhood Watch signs and have them installed.  (Directions)

If you need assistance or have questions, contact us at or call and leave a message at (916) 774-5050.  Appointments available.

Contact Information:

If you have questions about the Nextdoor program, how to start, or technical support, please contact Nextdoor support at

RPD NW Program:

If you have questions specific to Neighborhood Watch please leave a message for RPD’s Neighborhood Watch Program at  916-774-5050 or e-mail

Useful handouts you may wish to use

Neighborhood Safety Tips

Recognizing suspicious activity
Witnessing and Reporting a Crime
Home Burglary Prevention
Home security checklist

*Note: Nextdoor is not affiliated with the Roseville Police Department. Nextdoor is a private social network. Therefore, the RPD has no control of any information that is shared on the site.