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Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance

The City of Roseville has adopted new water efficient landscaping requirements.

Background:  In 2006, the State enacted legislation requiring the Department of Water Resources (DWR) to update the State Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance.  The updated model ordinance contains several new landscape and irrigation design requirements aimed at reducing water waste in landscape irrigation.  All local land use agencies are required to adopt the model ordinance, or develop an ordinance that is at least as effective by January 2010.  Should no action be taken, the DWR model ordinance would automatically become effective in January 2010 by statute.  The City of Roseville has chosen to adopt an Ordinance tailored to meet the City’s needs that is based on, and is at least as effective as, the model ordinance.  The new Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance has been incorporated into the City’s Zoning Ordinance as Chapter 19.67 and supersedes the City’s 1993 Water Efficient Landscape Requirements document.

Ordinance Adoption Status:  The City Council approved the Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance at its November 4, 2009 meeting.  

Questions may be directed to the Planner on Duty at (916) 774-5276.

Final Ordinance:
City of Roseville Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (amended 06/05/2013 Ordinance #5186)
Executive Summary

Submittal Information:
Landscape Plan Submittal Checklist
Landscape Water Use Calculation Examples
Hydrozone Information Table Example
Sample Production Home Landscape Sheet (Planting Area Less than 2,500 s.f.)

Other Necessary Documents:
Landscape Certificate of Completion
Landscape Certificate of Installation

Reference Documents:
City of Roseville Water Efficient Landscape Requirements Comparison Chart
Department of Water Resources Model Ordinance 
Assembly Bill 1881 (Enabling Legislation)
August 27, 2009 Planning Commission Staff Report
October 21, 2009 City Council Staff Report
City Council Power Point Presentation

Additional information regarding the water efficient landscaping model ordinance, along with other water efficient tips, can be found at the California Department of Water Resources website.    


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