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AB 303 Grant Implementation Activities

In May 2008, the California Department of Water Resources awarded the WPCGMP project partners a $250,000 Local Groundwater Assistance Act (AB 303) grant to supplement groundwater management actions identified in the adopted plan. As only one of ten grants awarded that year, the funds have enabled the partner agencies to accelerate construction of three groundwater monitoring wells.

Implementation of the AB 303 grant funds is being led by the City of Roseville on behalf of the WPCGMP partners. The wells will be located in areas where groundwater data is currently limited and provide minimal contributions to meeting the goals and objectives of the WPCGMP. Specifically, these wells will:

• Supply information to improve our picture of the entire region’s water and geologic system;

• Help the plan’s partners better understand the relationship between surface water in local rivers and the level of water in underground aquifers; and,

• Provide an early warning system to local groundwater users in case of contamination.

AB 303 Grant Implementation Timeline

April - June 2009 ─ Produce environmental documents
June - July 2009 ─ Obtain permits necessary for well construction
July - Sept. 2009 ─ Complete well designs
Sept. - Oct. 2009 ─ Well siting
Oct. - Nov. 2009 ─ Evaluate and select well construction bids
Nov. 2009 - Jan. 2010 ─ Construct and develop all three wells
Jan. 2010 ─ Install sampling equipment, sample groundwater
Jan. - Mar. 2010 ─ Produce monitoring well completion report


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