Western Placer County Groundwater Management Program

Western Placer County GMP study area mapLaunched in late 2007, the Western Placer County Groundwater Management Plan (WPCGMP) is a multi-agency partnership committed to protect, preserve and enhance the health and long-term sustainability of the region’s groundwater supplies.

The WPCGMP was prepared and adopted by the cities of Roseville and Lincoln, Placer County Water Agency and California American Water Company in consultation with the California Department of Water Resources. The County of Placer has consulted on the WPCGMP, but is not a formal participant.

As adopted, the WPCGMP established a process to identify and implement a range of collaborative groundwater management actions for a 192.5-square-mile area in western Placer County. It is focused on management activities that continue provide the region’s businesses and communities with backup, emergency and peak water demands, while ensuring that these actions have no adverse impacts to growers and ranchers.
It replaces the Western Placer GMP, a limited plan first adopted by the City of Roseville in 1998 and amended by the Placer County Water Agency in 2003.

This website is an information resource for the public and other interested parties to review:
• The adopted WPCGMP and other supporting documents
2008/2009 WPCGMP implementation activities
Local Groundwater Assistance Grant activities