Swim Lessons

The City of Roseville offers swim lessons for children ages 6 months to 14 years old that focus on fun, safety and basic swimming skills. Adult lessons are also available at select pools. Every year, more than 7,000 kids and adults take swim lessons with the City of Roseville. All swim instructors are certified in lifeguard training, CPR, AED, and First Aid. City of Roseville swim lessons are inclusive, however we have adaptive swim lessons for children with disabilities that provide specialized instruction. Swim lessons are available at three different locations including Mike Shellito Indoor Pool, Roseville Aquatics Complex, and Johnson Pool. Registration information for swimming lessons is available in ourActivity Guides.

Swimming Lesson Class Prerequisites and Descriptions

Guppie/Turtle (Parent/Infant)

  • Ages 6-36 months with parent
  • Must be able to hold head up.
  • Parent must attend each class and be in the water with their child.

This program provides a basic introduction to the aquatic environment focusing on the parent and child as one learning unit.   Course objectives: observation and practice of safe and effective use of floatation devices; introduction to supported movement and other skills in the water; positive exposure to water adjustment activities; and, introduction to appropriate water safety skills. It is important to understand that this program is not designed to teach children to become accomplished swimmers, or even to survive in the water on their own.  The program provides information and techniques for parents to orient their children to the water and provides parents and children with a fun recreational activity to do together.

Duck (Preschool)

  • Ages 3-5 years
  • Under no exceptions are children under age 3 allowed in this class.

The Duck class develops a comfort level in and around the water, as well as a readiness for learning to swim.  Course Objectives: positive exposure to water adjustment skills; introduction to elementary propulsion in the water, and introduction to basic water safety skills.

 Alligator (Advanced Preschool)

  • Ages 3-5 years
  • Child must enter and go under water easily.
  • Swim 1 yard unassisted.
  • Jump to instructor from deck.

The Alligator class practices front crawl with rhythmic breathing; combined stroke on back and deep water adjustment.  Course Objectives: development of front crawl; increase endurance and strength; development of combined stroke on back; and, adjustment to deep water.

Otter (Pre-competitive Preschool)

  • Ages 4-6
  • Swim front crawl with face in water for 10 yards.
  • Able to lift head to breathe.
  • Comfortable on his/her back.

The Otter class provides students who have gone through the Alligator class the opportunity to become efficient in advanced skills.  It is not necessary to have a desire to be a competitive swimmer to take this class. Course Objectives: introduction to advanced swimming strokes and skills; maintain proper stroke technique for longer distances; and increased awareness of personal water safety.

Seal (New Beginner)

  • Ages 6-14
  • Designed for children with limited water experience.

The Seal class is an introduction to water safety and water adjustment.  Course objectives: Positive exposure to adjustment skills; and development of basic swimming skills including floating, gliding, kicking, crawlstroke, and backstroke. 

Marlin (Beginner)

  • Ages 5-14
  • Must be comfortable going under water.
  • Able to swim 10-15 yards unassisted.
  • Able to float and propel self on back.


  • Passed the Seal class.

The Marlin class introduces back crawl, as well as rotary rhythmic breathing and continues to refine and strengthen the crawl stroke.  Course Objectives: further development of the crawl stroke; swimming in deep water and other deep water skills; diving; and safety skills.

Dolphin (Advanced Beginner)

  • Ages 6-14
  • Able to swim front crawl 25 yards unassisted.
  • Able to swim back crawl or elementary backstroke.
  • Dives or Jumps in


  • Passed the Marlin class.

The Dolphin class emphasizes increased coordination and endurance.  Course Objectives: further development of deep-water skills; increased endurance and refinement of front crawl and back stroke; introduction to breaststroke and sidestroke; and safety skills.

Stingray (Stroke Development/Improvement)

  • Ages 6-14
  • Able to swim 50 yards front crawl with side breathing.
  • Can swim back stroke and elementary backstroke 25 yards.
  • Able to dive from the side of the pool.


  • Passed the Dolphin class.

The Stingray class introduces advanced stroke technique as well as diving and turns, and further develops endurance.  Course Objectives: continued development of elementary backstroke, breaststroke, and sidestroke; perform crawl stroke, back stroke, and elementary backstroke with increased distances; diving from diving boards; open turns; and safety skills.
Shark (Stroke Refinement/Endurance)

  • Ages 6-14
  • Able to swim 200 yards continuously.
  • Can swim backstroke, elementary backstroke, breaststroke, and sidestroke 50 yards.


  • Passed the Stingray class.

The Shark class polishes strokes and promotes proficiency in all fundamental skills and strokes. Students will also be introduced to swimming for fitness.  Course Objectives: improved endurance and proficiency of crawl stroke, backstroke, breaststroke, sidestroke, and butterfly; introduction to approach stroke, flip turns, racing starts, surface dives, conditioning principles; and safety skills.

Killerwhale (Pre-Competitive/Competitive)

  • Ages 6-14
  • Able to swim 25 yards of all four competitive strokes (Butterfly, backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle).
  • Able to dive.

 The Killerwhale class is designed for children who are interested in competitive swimming or who are competitive swimmers looking for more individualized instruction.  Course Objectives: development and improvement of all four competitive strokes; increased endurance; knowledge of swim practice etiquette; use of the pace clock; knowledge of swimming as a sport and events swam at meets; and proper starts and turns.

Private Swim Lessons
Private Lessons are for participants 4 years old and up. These lessons are not only for beginners, but are great for experienced swimmers as well. All the private swim lessons are taught by certified Roseville swim instructors.

Penguin-Adaptive Swim Lessons
Specially designed for children with mental, physical, or developmental disabilities. Skills are learned step-by-step so that each student can move from level to another, comfortably. Safety and confidence in the water are the primary goals. Stroke techniques and more difficult skills follow. These lessons are located at the Mike Shellito Indoor Pool and the Roseville Aquatics Complex.

Adult Swimming Lessons
These lessons are semi-private lessons, (1:4 ratio) geared to any level of swimmer. Adult swim lessons are held at the Roseville Aquatics Complex in the evenings.