Besana Park



 Located near Pleasant Grove Blvd and Roseville Pkwy adjacent to Catheryn Gates 
 Elementary School 


 1061 Treehowell Dr, Roseville 95678
 Map it! 


 4.5 acres 

Completion Date

 January 2005 


 Park opens at sunrise and closes one hour after sunset. 


 This neighborhood park features a covered picnic area, school-aged play area, swing
 area, informal ball field, practice soccer field and a native plant area with a connection
 to the bike trail.  

Park Amenities
Barbeque (2) Picnic Tables (4)
Baseball/Softball Field (1) Play Area - School Aged
Covered Picnic Area Soccer Field (1)
Electrical Outlets are not available Swings - Belt
Perimeter Walkway Swings - Bucket

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