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Mission and Vision


The mission of Roseville Parks, Recreation & Libraries is to enhance lives and the community by providing exceptional experiences.

The mission of the Maidu Museum & Historic Site is to protect, preserve and interpret the cultural and natural heritage of the Maidu Historic Site and region, while providing programs, exhibits and services that stimulate visitor involvement, enjoyment, learning and support.

The vision for the Maidu Museum is to be a learning center where Maidu and other California Indians and communities can share family traditions and tribal culture with museum visitors, both young and old, and with other native people, as well as artistic, literary, land management and other contemporary achievements and the accurate and authentic portrayal of their past.


The City of Roseville’s Maidu Museum values:

- the interdependence of nature and culture;
- partnerships with Maidu and other California Indians to enhance cultural learning opportunities, cultural skills transmission and sharing of world views with all museum visitors, both native and non-native, as this relates to our survival on planet earth;
- children and their innate desire to learn through exploration and play;
- elders and their accumulated wisdom;
- the native perspective of the spiritual nature of all things;
- the ancient village site and collections and our public trust obligation to protect, preserve, manage, sustain and document these cultural resources for future generations;
- on-going dialogue with all our visitors and the residents of Roseville and the region, whose support helped to preserve this site and provide this cultural education opportunity


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