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Planning for Uncertain Economic Times

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Budget Overview

The City of Roseville, like most businesses and individuals, has been affected by current economic conditions. Drops in development-related revenues, property and sales tax revenues have necessitated a series of thoughtful cuts to balance the budget.

For the Parks & Recreation Department, budget cuts have resulted in the elimination or reduction of some programs and services. In order to help balance the City’s budget, Parks & Recreation has used the following strategies:

  • $900,000 budget reductions in materials, supplies, travel and unfunded vacant positions
  • Focus on core services
  • Reduce program expenses
  • Modify operating hours to maximize staff time
  • Eliminate some highly-subsidized programs
  • Reduce staffing levels and hours of operation
  • Reduce frequencies of maintenance
  • Program fee increases on average 5%
  • Adding additional revenue-generating programs where demand is present

Despite these necessary cuts, we remain committed to providing exceptional programs, services and facilities. The following is a list of the priorities we will continue to live by in the coming year.

2008-09 Priorities


  • Foster healthy lifestyles for youth and teens
  • Provide recreation, learning and leisure enrichment
  • Continue strong partnerships with four school districts and twelve youth sports organizations
  • Serve 1.5 million residents annually through programs and facilities

Parks Operations

Parks Construction

Community Services

2008-09 Budget Highlights

The following is a list of the measures taken by the Parks & Recreation Department to help balance the City’s budget.

Reduced or Modified Programs

Summer Camps
Reduced operation costs through lower staffing levels, reduced materials and supplies costs and eliminated lunches and snacks

Johnson Pool Recreational Swim
Johnson Pool will now be closed on Saturdays.

Roseville Aquatics Complex
DJ Music eliminated at Roseville Aquatics Complex Family Night Fever & Saturday barbecues.

Maidu Interpretive Center
Maidu Interpretive Center open hours reduced to one Saturday per month and open on Mondays.

Maidu Sports Courts
Maidu Sports Courts staffing has been reduced from 2 to 1.

4th of July
Roseville's 4th of July fireworks program will be shorter.

RCONA Movie Nights
City expenses must now be reimbursed by neighborhood associations.

Arts Program
Transition cultural arts from annual contract with Arts Council of Placer County to in house reduced work program.

Kids Health & Fitness Expo
Eliminate free t-shirts given to Kids Expo event attendees.

Roseville Sports Center Child Care
Child care at the Roseville Sports Center will be moved to the former Cycling Room to make room for an additional Preschool program at the Sports Center. Cycling classes will move to the group fitness room.

Eliminated Programs

Art Cart
This free program was eliminated due to its high level of subsidization from the general fund.

This free program is expensive due to staff and vehicle costs and it not as needed due to the opening of the Martha Riley Community Library in 2007.

Roseville Sports Center Café
Revenues do not offset operating costs for the Roseville Sports Center Café, so it will only open for Teens Roseville Live (TRL) nights.

Oakmont HS Pool Recreational Swim
Low attendance and high staffing costs necessitate closing Oakmont High School Pool for recreation swim.

Synchronized Swim Teams
This team has been disbanded due to declining enrollment and participation in recent years.

Soccer & Softball Concessions
Leagues will now be responsible for providing concessions.

Other Programs & Events
The following programs and events have been eliminated due to a combination of reliance on general fund subsidies, lower participation levels, and low revenue potential. Staff are being reassigned to other, more popular, cost effective and revenue-generating programs.

  • Ski Trips
  • 7 on 7 Football Tournament
  • Adult Baseball
  • Little Splashers Program
  • Dive in Movies
  • Girls Advanced Water Polo
  • Camp Royer
  • Jr. High Basketball
  • Father/Daughter Ball
  • Daddy/Daughter Date Night

Fee Increases
Increases in fees for some recreation programs were increased by an average of 5% where there was sufficient demand to handle the increase.

Park Development

There are many factors that determine when and where a new park will be built with the City. To a large extent, the ability to build new parks depends on the rate at which new homes are purchased in a given neighborhood. Since the home sales market in Roseville has slowed, so has the rate at which new parks can be developed.

  • How does the City prioritize which parks are built first?
  • I’ve lived in my current home for years and I am still waiting for a parks. Why is a newer subdivision getting a park before us?
  • What is the difference between a citywide and a neighborhood park?
  • I was told that the City would build my park within a year.Why hasn’t it been built?
  • Why does it take so long to build a park?
  • What is planned for my park?
  • How can I keep updated on my park’s development/progress?

For answer to these and more commonly asked questions about Park Development, visit our Park Development page.

Park Maintenance
The following are cost-savings changes made by our Parks Maintenance Division.

Goat Grazing
Reduce amount of goat grazing for vegetation control in open spaces.

Increase pruning cycle on City properties from 3 to 5 years.

Portable Restrooms
Portable restrooms will be eliminated in parks where they do not directly benefit the surrounding neighborhood.

Contract Service
Some basic, non-skilled maintenance activities will be moved to contract services to save on staffing costs.

Irrigation Savings
A special Irrigation Crew has been established to focus on irrigation effectiveness throughout the City to achieve a 10% savings in water costs.

Restroom Cleaning
Seasonal, part-time staff, instead of full-time staff will be used to clean restrooms at night. An employee presence at night will also help reduce vandalism and associated clean-up costs.

City Budget
To learn more about the City of Roseville 2008-09 budget, read the budget message by City Manager, Craig Robinson.

City Manager Budget Message 2008/09
6/11/2008 11:08:47 AM

To learn more about the City’s budget process or to review the full City budget, visit the Finance Department.