Police Activity Log, March 17-20, 2017

Last Updated: 3/20/2017

Beat 1 (northeast Roseville)
Nothing of general interest this time.

Beat 2 (east Roseville)
Cirby Ranch, suspicious activity call results in an arrest:  At 7:15 a.m. March 19, an alert resident reported a suspicious man walking around the area of Greenborough Drive and Motherlode Drive.  An officer found a man matching the description walking away from a driveway on Hot Springs Court. Their investigation led to the 26-year-old Antelope man being arrested on suspicion of possessing heroin and a concealed dagger (fixed blade knife).  Officers checked the neighborhood and found that someone had rummaged through about ten unlocked vehicles and took some small items from them.  This is a good reminder to always lock your vehicle doors and remove all valuables.  This was a great “suspicious activity” call by the resident!  (2017-17210 and ten more case #s)

Beat 3 (central Roseville south of the rail yard)
Cirbyside, vehicle theft:  Between 7 p.m. March 18 and 10:30 a.m. March 19, someone stole a green 1996 Honda Accord from an apartment complex in the 1100 block of Conroy Lane.  The car is a classic “Honda Hunter Special”—an older sedan that’s easy to steal with a shaved key or other common car thief tactics. If you depend on one of these good older work-horse cars, protect it with a Club steering wheel lock or other highly visible theft deterrence device.  (2017-17244)

Folsom Road, warrant arrest:  At about 9:30 p.m. March 17, an officer was patrolling the 200 block of Harding Boulevard, and saw a bicyclist he recognized as being wanted on warrants.  The man ran, but the officer quickly chased him down.  The 43-year-old Roseville man was arrested without further incident on three Placer County warrants.  (2017-16911)

Folsom Road, stolen car:  Between 9 p.m. March 18 and 9 a.m. March 19, a late-model sedan was stolen from the 300 block of Margaret Way.  At about 6 p.m. March 19, an officer found the stolen car, license plates removed, parked in the lot of a hotel in the 200 block of Harding Blvd. The stolen car was returned to the victim, and the theft is under investigation to identify a suspect. (2017-17234)

Folsom Road and Hillcrest, fights, arrests made:  Just before 10 p.m. March 16, two men got into a fight on the footbridge at Royer Park. One of the men allegedly threatened the other man with a knife and tried unsuccessfully to stab him. An officer checked the area but was unable to find the involved parties.  At 2 p.m. the next day, officers responded to a fight at a gas station at the corner of Douglas Blvd. and Keehner Drive involving the same two men, one armed with a knife and the other with a stick or club. The officers investigated and arrested both Roseville residents, ages 35 and 46, on suspicion of assault and other related charges in connection with both fights. (2017-16814, 16686)

Downtown, assault:  At 8:25 a.m. March 18, officers responded to three men fighting in the 500 block of Vernon Street with weapons.  The three men had gotten into an argument, and two of the men were hitting the third man with metal objects.  The victim, an adult male, was taken to the hospital for treatment.  Two men from Rio Linda and Citrus Heights, both 27 years old, were arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and other related charges.  (2017-16991)

Downtown, trespassing:  Officers continue to frequently check the Vernon Street Garage at night for people trespassing and racing cars inside the garage. Several people have been contacted and cited or warned; our city ordinance prohibits being in city-owned parking garages except to park or pick up a car.  At 4:30 a.m. March 19, officers contacted several people congregated inside the garage, and one, a 19-year-old Roseville resident, was arrested on a felony warrant.  (2017-17207)

Beat 4 (central Roseville north of the rail yard)
Roseville Heights, assault:  At 11:21 a.m. March 17, officers responded to a fight involving three adults, one armed with a knife, in the 300 block of High Street.  No one needed medical attention.  A 37-year-old Lincoln man was arrested on suspicion of battery, brandishing a knife, and a Sacramento County warrant.  (2017-16936)

Roseville Heights, DUI collision:  At 8:22 p.m. March 17, officers responded to a report of a pickup driver who had sideswiped three parked cars on Main Street near Berkeley Avenue, lost a tire and drove away.  Officers found the truck nearby and arrested the driver, a 52-year-old Roseville man, on suspicion of DUI.  2017-16901)

Vineyard, vehicle theft:  At 2:06 a.m. March 20, officers responded to a report that a white full-size van had just been stolen from a parking lot in the 2000 block of Opportunity Drive. They saw the stolen van being driven westbound on PFE Road, and tried to stop it.  The driver refused to pull over and kept driving at normal speeds (35-40 mph) through the Antelope area with officers following. The suspect then began to drive in a dangerous manner, turning his headlights off and crossing into the opposing lane of traffic, so officers discontinued the pursuit to protect public safety.  They’ll continue to investigate the theft and attempt to identify the suspect. (2017-17406)

Beat 5 (north central Roseville)
Stanford Crossing, DUI collision:  At 7:41 p.m. March 19, officers responded to the 6600 block of Maple Creek Drive for a traffic collision.  A sedan driver collided with a fire hydrant and two parked cars and drove away.  Officers located the driver and his car nearby and arrested the 42-year-old Roseville man on suspicion of DUI and misdemeanor (non-injury) hit-and-run.  (2017-17355)

Beat 6 (west Roseville)
West Park, trespassing:  At 9:23 p.m. March 18, officers responded to a report of two people seen inside a home under construction in a new home development on Foxfield Way.  Officers detained two juveniles and cited them for prowling on private property. (2017-17135)

Not sure which beat you live in?  Check out this police beat map of Roseville:  www.roseville.ca.us/civicax/filebank/blobdload.aspx?BlobID=21016