City of Roseville wins statewide award for transit coordination

The California Association for Coordinated Transportation (CalACT) awarded the City of Roseville the 2014 Outstanding Coordination award for advancing transit coordination and services in the Roseville region. This includes launching the South Placer Transit Information resource.  

CalACT and its members found that Roseville's development of transit, including the launch of the regional South Placer Transit Information center, exemplify how transit managers throughout the state can coordinate services to build a more cohesive public transportation system.

CalACT has been serving rural and small transit operators throughout the state of California for thirty years. CalACT's primary focus is advancing transit services throughout the state with an emphasis on coordinating services. Representing 350 members, CalACT is the nation's largest state transit association and provides advocacy on legislative issues affecting funding, operations, and services impacting transit. CalACT is committed to building and enhancing California's transit system in order to increase livability, sustainability, and transportation performance and usability.