Spare the Air for Bucks

During the summer months, heat combines with automobile exhaust to produce some of our worst air pollution in Placer County. Help improve the air quality and participate in Spare the Air for Bucks. You'll have a chance to win cash and prizes during July and August. Approximately one in 10 participants will win each month!

Ride transit, bike, carpool, vanpool, or walk during July and August to win monthly $25 gift cards of your choice, and/or $100 cash. The more often you use clean air commute modes, the more chances you have to win.

By participating during both months, you have an opportunity to win the grand prize of $250 cash. Commute using alternative transportation on Spare the Air days, and you will be entered into an additional gift card drawing for that day.

Visit to participate. 

Prizes are sponsored by the Placer County Transportation Planning Agency.