Trail resurfacing in northeast Roseville begins late August

Multi-use trails in northeast Roseville will be resurfaced and re-striped beginning in late August. This includes the Antelope Creek, Miners Ravine and False Ravine Trails. 

Prior to work beginning, signs will be posted on the trails with closure dates. 

Resurfacing preparation begins August 27 and will include partial trail closures and flagger controls. Paving starts on September 2 and will last 5 or 6 days. Day-long closures of trail sections will occur during this phase. These sections will re-open by the end of each work day. Once resurfacing is complete, and the material has cured for 5-10 days, the trails will be re-striped.

The $186,000 project is funded with Local Transportation Funds. Resurfacing is part of Roseville's preventative maintenance program which keeps the trail network in good condition at a minimum cost through optimized timing of maintenance.

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Have questions about this project? We’re here to help. Contact Public Works by calling 746-1300.

( Map of trail areas (PDF) )