Drought Delays Opening Of Town Square Spray Ground

Last Updated: 5/27/2015

Although drought conditions have necessitated a delayed opening and reduced hours of operation, the Vernon Street Town Square spray ground will be turned on for public enjoyment beginning Tuesday, May 26. Due to drought concerns, we are continuing the reduced hours established last year of noon-7pm daily (subject to change to due to events).

The Parks Division's drought response plan calls for prioritizing actively used recreation areas and achieving more saving through cuts in irrigation of ornamental areas and streetscapes. Last year, parks achieved a 29% savings while operating the spray ground and are on track to improve that number this year. The spray ground in Vernon Street Town Square is actively used by the community during the warmer months and recirculates water much like a pool. All non-recirculating water play areas will continue to be off due to drought. For more on the drought response of the Parks Division, please visit www.roseville.ca.us/parksdoingourpart

Spray Ground Hours: Noon- 7 p.m. daily
(Hours may be modified due to special events)