Building Safety Month in May aims to keep you and your family safe

Last Updated: 4/19/2016

The City of Roseville joins California Building Officials and other local jurisdictions in celebrating Building Safety Month every year. Here are some ways you can ensure your family is living in a safe environment. 

Be sure smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are installed and operable in your residence. State law requires smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in all dwellings. A 
 building inspector will verify  alarms are properly installed at final inspection for all residential building permits. 

And with summer weather approaching, be sure to practice backyard and pool safety.

For information on when building permits are required stop by the Permit Center where, throughout the month of May, "Junior Building Inspector" badges will be on hand and there will be a weekly coloring contest to award a stuffed "Codie the Cougar Code Official". Please call 916-774-5332 for more information.