Electric Shade Tree Rebate Program Suspended

Last Updated: 5/5/2014

Following the City’s recent drought declaration, Roseville Electric is suspending its Shade Tree Rebate program immediately.

Because newly planted trees require extra irrigation for healthy root development, customers must use hundreds of extra gallons of water every month. To support our city’s mandate to customers to conserve, Roseville Electric, your community owned electric utility, has temporarily suspended the Shade Tree Rebate program effective immediately.

We encourage residents to postpone planting new shade trees to help meet water reduction requirements by curtailing landscape irrigation.
Roseville Electric will reopen the rebate program in the future, following consultation with Roseville Environmental Utilities.

Visit the Roseville Electric's Shade Tree Rebate page for updates on the availability of shade tree rebates, or call 916-79-POWER (797-3967).

We encourage you to evaluate the amount of water you are using to identify opportunities for conservation. Please visit the City’s Water Efficiency page for ideas on how to save.