Clarkson University to Bring New Higher Education Options to Placer County Region

Last Updated: 9/4/2017

3/3/2014   Clarkson University officials will be in the Placer County region this week to introduce area professionals to new graduate programs options and to advance an emerging technology education partnership with Sierra College undergraduates.   

Located in New York State's Adirondack North Country region, Clarkson University is a nationally ranked research university and known among employers in technology and innovation sectors as a target school for recruiting, research and executive education.

"Clarkson’s education, research and innovation agenda aligns with the vision outlined by Roseville’s Higher Education Task Force and with the dialogue we have had with community leaders interested in high quality educational opportunities to support future growth in business, engineering, science and technology," said Clarkson University President Tony Collins.

“We see Clarkson’s partnership with Sierra College in offering high caliber programs that are in high demand right here in our region as another success for Roseville’s Higher Education Task Force efforts," said Roseville City Councilmember Dr. Tim Herman, chair of the task force.  “The synergy between education and economic development will strengthen our region as education provides innovation and workers, and industry provides support and employment." 

"This partnership underscores our continued commitment to increase higher education opportunities for the students in our communities ,” said Sierra College President Willy Duncan. "Working together with Clarkson University will provide our students with a new seamless pathway to a top research and technological institution for their Baccalaureate degree and beyond.  Students will also have the opportunity to be placed with one of our industry partners in the region while they pursue an advanced degree, keeping our best and brightest talent living and working in our communities.”

The full text of Clarkson University's announcement can be read here.