Frequently Asked Questions: When does the City of Roseville provide sandbags?

Last Updated: 4/9/2014

The City of Roseville only provides sandbags when creeks in Roseville are expected to reach levels that could flood homes. Otherwise, property owners can purchase sandbags at local home improvement centers any time of year. If your property is prone to flooding, it is highly recommended that you store sandbags on your property so they are readily available.

When creeks are expected to reach levels that could flood homes, the City will provide sandbags and sand, free of charge, at these locations:

•  Maidu Regional Park at 1550 Maidu Drive (off of Rocky Ridge Drive)

•  The City's Corporation Yard at 2005 Hilltop Circle (off of PFE Road)

•  Washington Blvd. Recycle Yard (bet ween Junction and All American City Blvd.) The Washington Blvd. location is only used as a backup if needed.

City crews will be at the sandbag stations to help residents fill sandbags. Sandbags will only be provided to residents who show proof of residency in Roseville (driver’s license, etc.) Each vehicle will be limited to 20 sandbags per trip. This limit is to allow all residents at the sandbag station an equal and fair opportunity to obtain sandbags. If no other residents are waiting, more than 20 sandbags will be allowed. An information sheet will be provided to each vehicle at the sandbag station. This information provides instructions for properly placing sandbags.

To find out if the City’s sandbag stations are open, please call the City’s Street Maintenance Division at (916) 774-5790.