Have you protected your catalytic converter yet?

Local shops can mark & protect high-risk vehicles

Last Updated: 5/15/2017

If you drive a pickup or SUV that's high off the ground and has an accessible catalytic converter, you're at risk for catalytic converter theft.  Thieves crawl under vehicles, cut off the converters and sell them to unscrupulous scrap metal recyclers, where they're prized for the small amounts of precious metals they contain. Because of the damage thieves do to the whole muffler assembly, the average cost to replace a catalytic converter is $2,600, and as much as $4,000.

Here are some steps you can take to make your catalytic converter less attractive to thieves.

  • At home, park your higher-risk vehicle inside your locked garage.
  • Make an appointment with one of our business partners to have your catalytic converter etched with your license plate number and painted with high-temperature neon paint. This will make your converter less attractive to thieves and scrap yards, because it's more easily identified as stolen property and can be traced back to you, the rightful owner. Four shops in Roseville offer this service for free--call first to find out if your vehicle is one of the more at-risk models, and to make an appointment.  Our partner auto shops are:
    • AutoNation (Dodge-Jeep), 200 Automall Drive, (877)590-7986
    • Bill McAnally's Napa AutoCare Center, 900 Riverside Ave., (916)676-0010
    • Firestone Complete Auto Care, 8051 Washington Blvd., (916)783-0431
    • Roseville Toyota, 700 Automall Drive, (916)774-4807
  • Talk to your auto shop about welding rebar to the catalytic converter assembly. Thieves can't use quiet, easily concealed pipe cutters to cut through rebar--they'd have to use a noisy power saw. This will deter most of the thieves who prey on residential areas at night. There will be a charge for this service, which is offered by Roseville Toyota and their partner muffler shops.

Watch Good Day Sacramento's report, see just how these steps can help you.

( Free catalytic converter etching )