CIO - IT Communication (2013 MISAC & California Governing Conference)

Last Updated: 11/4/2015

2013 – MISAC Conference

This year conference was one of the most fulfilling technology events I have attended. It covered three simultaneous tracks on management, technology and specific issue regarding GIS.   Many agencies presented their governance operations and best practices in this conference.  Information on the event and slide show can be obtained from this mobile app:  I know we have an excellent IT-Team within the City of Roseville, and I am challenging this team to present our best partnership programs & successes in next year’s MISAC event.

2013 – CA Governing Leadership Forum

The 2013 California’s Governing Leadership Forum focused its topics on “Leadership and Disruptive Technology”.  Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom was the opening speaker and he encouraged the public to realign the government business with the evolution of the internet commerce today through the use of social media, mobile, information and cloud technology.  Many of these consumer technologies that are affordable and convenient are referred to as “Disruptive Technologies” in our business world.  These technologies can reinvent government with streamlining mobile apps, business/social reporting, and innovative data storage.  It is also important to know that these are positive forces that are very much aligned with the City of Roseville Citywide Strategic Technology Initiatives.

The second Q/A topic for the lieutenant governor was: “Failure as part of our life and do not be afraid to try and fail”.  Learning from our failures and moving onto the next challenges are all part of growing up.  As Roger Root quoted after he viewed the video below – “Lt Gov Newsom is a great presenter/speaker, and he walks the leadership path in recognizing failure as a vital part of innovation”.   Many of the interactive discussion can be found on the YouTube channel, such as this: