Downtown street closures and a Legislative update added to email notifications available for Roseville residents and businesses

Last Updated: 10/29/2013

We have added two new free, informative email notifications to our long list of topics available for Roseville residents and businesses.  

The new Downtown Street Closure email notification includes all planned street closures in the downtown Roseville area.  The Legislative Update email notification includes information about state and federal legislation that may impact Roseville, the city's stance on proposed legislation and ways for you to get involved.

Our email notifications come directly into your email inbox and are an easy way for you to stay informed and get involved in your city.  All of our email notifications and e-newsletters are subscription based, so you can easily add or subtract the specific information you’d like to receive.

In addition to these two new topics, the city offers email notifications and e-newsletters about city events, business news, job opportunities, public safety news, utility information and many other topics.  

We also have multiple Facebook pages and Twitter feed which regularly post city news and information.  It is easier than ever to stay engaged with the City of Roseville.

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