Past Exhibit - Artwork by L. Frank Manriquez

Exhibit Show Dates: September 10 - October 26

Last Updated: 11/5/2013

L. Frank Manriquez (Tongva/Ajachmem) is a Native California Indian artist, writer and tribal scholar. Her artwork has been exhibited in museums and galleries nationwide. She has an amazing collection of dramatic photographs showing beautiful landscapes and portraits. The themes of her colorful paintings vary from traditional creation stories to the ironic life of Native Americans today.

"After being immersed in native cultures from across the United States for so long, when I began to learn about California cultures I was amazed and overwhelmed. I think that born-again enthusiasm comes through in my early drawings."

"I don't visualize the drawings. I warm up first; I draw little things and then next thing I know, the page is done and I'm just trying to remember what the date is. I've been visiting that tertiary place."

She is the co-founder of Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival and has served on the board of directors of the California Indian Basketweavers Association for many years. L. Frank is the author of two books, Acorn Soup, a collection of cartoons, and First Families: A Photographic History of California Indians. She has won several awards for her activities, including from the American Association of University Women, the James Irvine Foundation and the Fund for Folk Culture.