Past Exhibit: Artwork by Billy Hawk Enos & Winema Marie Suehead

Last Updated: 7/9/2013

"Traditions Learned Through Time” by artist Billy Hawk Enos

Enos,a self-taught artist, honors the cultural traditions of his Washoe/Niesnan ancestors in his paintings that weave together images from the past, present and future. This collection includes acrylic paintings as well as mixed media artwork.

In his painting titled Biskit , Enos pays tribute to his great, great, grandmother Lizzie Enos, a Niesnan woman from Chukam Pakan (Clipper Gap) area. The designs on the baskets and the foothills in the distance are based upon the geometric designs woven by Lizzie Enos.

Billy Hawk Enos works as a cultural instructor for the Washoe tribe of Nevada and California. He was raised in Auburn, California and now lives in Gardnerville, Nevada.

“Artwork by Winema Marie Suehead”

In this collection, Winema Marie Suehead  painted with vividly colored acrylics. She lives in Grass Valley, California.