Savings Slated with New Energy Park Upgrade

Last Updated: 5/5/2014

Since 2007, the Roseville Energy Park has been using state-of-the-art combined cycle technology to generate approximately 40 percent of the power that Roseville residents and businesses need. Locally generated power has kept prices stable for our customers and enhanced the area's distribution reliability.

In an effort to continually improve service to our customers while keeping costs down, Roseville Electric plans to improve the power plant’s efficiency and reliability by upgrading the plant’s water disposal system. Roseville Electric estimates the improvements will save the utility and its customers about $1.8 million annually.

Roseville’s Energy Park uses reclaimed water - the water that flows through purple pipes to irrigate landscaped medians and golf courses - to draw heat away from the steam turbine and cool critical pieces of process equipment.  The power plant steam cycle produces water that is rich in minerals – minerals that cannot leave the property in liquid form. 

With the new Liquid Management System process, the mineral-rich water is injected 2,500 feet below the underground drinking water aquifer, protecting the fresh water supply.  The mineral-rich water is safely released in an area that already contains these natural minerals.  In fact, the water injected is cleaner than water found naturally below the surface. The process of discharging mineral rich wastewater is safe and effective; it has been approved by the California Energy Commission and is in use at more than 100 sites.

Following two years of research and assistance from consultants, Roseville Electric submitted an application to the Environmental Protection Agency and California Energy Commission to review the proposed power plant improvement.  The two agencies will review the proposal and host public meetings before ruling on the application. The public hearing dates have not yet been announced; however, Roseville Electric will use various customer communication tools to announce project updates and milestones.

Roseville Electric has already launched a web page dedicated to the project.  Visitors can learn about the project, the timeline, follow regularly updated blog postings and submit questions directly to the project manager at