Help ID a thief

Women suspected of stealing wallets from grocery store carts

Do you recognize either of these women?  They're suspected of frequenting grocery stores in Roseville and stealing wallets out of the purses of distracted shoppers.  Sometimes one woman will engage a shopper in conversation, distracting her while the other reaches into her purse and steals the wallet.  Other times they'll simply steal a wallet from an unattended grocery cart, if the shopper has walked away from the cart to look at groceries.  They then use the shopper's stolen credit cards to make unauthorized purchases at local stores.

To see additional photos of the suspects, click here and here.

If you recognize either one of them, call our investigations unit at (916)774-5070, or click here to email a tip

Please keep a close eye on your purse, wallet, cell phone and other valuables when you're shopping, dining or in any other public place.  Don't leave your purse open in your cart while you walk away to look at groceries.  Keep it securely closed and in your sight and control at all times. If you see anyone acting suspiciously in a store--snooping in other people's property or seemingly trying to distract shoppers--call 911.