IT Strategic Plan

Last Updated: 4/17/2014

With this document, the IT Planning and Administration Team presents to you the 2013-2015 Citywide Strategic Technology Plan. These past years have brought many challenges, opportunities, and improvements to our business technology and partnership environment, including assessments of our work program, resources, technology initiatives, and leadership framework (Vision, Mission and Values).

During the past year, we introduced four major business technology initiatives: mobile, big data/information, cloud computing, and social media technologies. The City transformed its website into the Virtual City Hall, formed alliances, and completed many projects through cross functional teams and business partners - such as Enterprise Security, Inclusion Program, Public Safety Team, and Technology Governance Committee.

The City envisions and requires even greater use of innovative technology in the years ahead, and this forward thinking Strategic Technology Plan will help guide many technology decisions in the future: The plan will be used as the primary basis for justifying and prioritizing future budget requests involving innovative technology resources.

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