Draft Housing Element Update is now Available Online

The City of Roseville has completed the 2013 - 2021 draft update to the Housing Element of the General Plan and is now available for public review and comment.

The 2013 - 2021 Draft Housing Element update may be reviewed at the City of Roseville Permits Center, 311 Vernon St., during normal business hours.  Copies of the Draft Housing Element update will also be available for public review online.

The Housing Element is required to identify and analyze existing and projected housing needs in order to preserve, improve and develop housing for all economic segments of the community. 

The Housing Element update will cover the City's housing policies, goals and objectives for the eight-year planning period 2013 through 2021.  The updated Housing Element will also address the following topics required by State law:

  • An evaluation of accomplishments under the 2008 - 2013 adopted Housing Element;
  • A statement of the Housing Plan to address the City’s identified housing needs, including housing goals, policies, and programs;
  • An analysis of the City’s demographic profile, housing characteristics, and existing and future housing needs;
  • An evaluation of the land, financial, and organizational resources available to address the City’s identified housing needs and goals; and
  • An analysis of market, governmental, and non-governmental constraints affecting the production of housing.

All interested parties are invited to review the draft document and express their opinions.  The public comment period is sixty (60) days and will close on May 1, 2013.  If you have any questions or written comments, please contact Jan Shonkwiler, Housing Manager (916) 774-5273 or Kathy Pease, Senior Planner (916) 774-5434, at 311 Vernon Street, Roseville, CA 95678; or by e-mail at jshonkwiler@roseville.ca.us or kpease@roseville.ca.us