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October 24, 2012

Last Updated: 11/5/2015

I was at the MISAC Annual Conference recently in San Diego (Municipal Information Systems Association of California) and the theme for this year is about Leading IT: A 360 Degree Perspective. The State CIO of California – Carlos Ramos had the opportunity to present the opening keynote on “How We Got Here – The Consumer Perspective of State & Local Government IT and The Importance of Understanding and Communicating with our Customers” (see attached). I would like to take this opportunity and share with you some of the best practices I heard in the information packed conference, including his presentation, the State's Strategic Technology Plan and linking it with our strategy goals.

The IT management retreat in August was very successful as well. We focused on the future and achieving our vision of becoming leaders in technology for the City. With the Moss Adams efforts in full swing, strategic technology planning was one of the major theme of the retreat. We had the opportunity to hear from two excellent guest speakers, Julie Sparkes and Chief Marcus Reed, who shared the ongoing strategic planning efforts in the Parks and Fire departments. We also discussed the 4 major technology initiatives currently on our plates: mobile, cloud computing, big data and social computing. These technologies continue to transform the business world in both the public and private sectors. We will focus this year on researching these technologies and developing strategies to move forward in a way that makes the best sense for the City of Roseville.

Additional information that I would like to share with you this time in relevance to the City and State Strategic Technology Goals are listed below (and its corresponding relationship with each other and many examples), please let me know if this is useful for you or just another spam!

* IT Visionary Goal – Leadership in Technology for Roseville (Secure, Effective and Proficient)

* CA State Strategic Goal – Reliable & Secure IT Infrastructure

- City Initiative - Cloud Computing Strategy (Potential ability to increase agility and lower overall infrastructure costs, and creating plan to grow the internal virtualized computing environment & taking advantages of external cloud computing technologies - such as Anything As A Service)

- Examples / Best Practices - As more and more organizations moving towards the Cloud Computing, Enterprise Security has moved to the center stage of the cloud services offering. Look at how Local Government is being enlisted for assistance.

* IT Visionary Goal – Strategic Partners Working Together to Succeed (Customer Focused, Communicate / Transparency and Continuously Improve)

* CA State Strategic Goal – Cost Effective Results Through Collaboration

- City Initiative - Big Data / Informational Computing Strategy (Perfect timing to explore the data & business intelligence, and using analytic skill sets to look at all data components within the City and create transparency and gain a 360-degree view of the entire organization)

- Examples / Best Practices - Look at most recent examples presented in the conference, President's Administrative Initiative:,,

- Collaborative project management training efforts with City’s departments and Sierra Community College.

* IT Visionary Goal – Flexible & Agile to Meet Business Needs (with Innovation, Proactive and Valuable Results)

* CA State Strategic Goal – Leverage Information We Already Have, Making Govt More Accessible to Consumers

- City Initiative - Mobile Computing Strategy (Our mobile strategy should include use of smartphone/tablet, bring your own device, mobile website, mobile apps, location based services and infrastructure/security management)

- Examples / Best Practices - BYOD Policies was published recently by FedGov CIO Council.

- Nationwide Public Safety Mobile Broadband using 4G Long Term Evolution Network in the 700Mhz Band is starting to Build its Shape.

* IT Visionary Goal – Collaborative Work (Trustworthy, Cooperative and Enjoyable)

* CA State Strategic Goal – Capable IT Workforce

- City Initiative - Social Computing Strategy (The objective is to transform collaboration across the City, addressing business challenges in helping employees to find information more quickly, breaking silos and adopting technology / integrate with and continue the use on more of our business enterprise software applications)

- Examples / Best Practices - SharePoint on the cloud and new brand of Financial/HRIS System –

- Code for America is working to change the way municipal government works through technology to become more connected, lean and to improve the delivery of public services.

Look at your own transformation efforts within the City and how others are learning from the best practices you have created / Keep Making Things Happen.

Note: The State of California Information Technology Strategic Plan can be found here:

The new approaches we are taking in the last few years, continue to enable the modernization of our technology infrastructure to meet the demand of our customers, the modification of the technology governance process, and to extend the economic benefits through regional partnership. As a leader of this organization, I am very proud to be a part of the team – especially with all the transformation efforts that we have been through and the challenges ahead of us.