CIO - IT Communication (2012 First Quarter)

April 23, 2012

Last Updated: 10/2/2015

Team IT,

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate all of you on a great start to 2012! Thank you for your collaborative efforts on the numerous innovative projects and maintenance tasks recently completed and underway. We are making strong progress to achieve our shared vision for the department, and I appreciate the contributions from each of you. There have too many achievements to mention this quarter, so I will cover some of the highlights.

IT Vision/ Mission/ Values Statement

During the last quarter of 2011, our team worked together to develop a new Vision, Mission, and Values statements (VMV) for the department. The new VMV represents the core values for the team and also sets our vision for the future. Through this process, you made it clear that the team values partnerships, excellent service, innovation and superior results.

The vision for the department is a picture of where we want to take the department in the future. The team came up with the following components for our vision:

  • We are respected Leaders in Technology
  • We Maintain Strong Strategic Partnerships
  • We are Flexible and Agile
  • We enjoy a Collaborative Work Environment

    In many of these areas we have already achieved part of the vision. In others, we still have some work to do. I look forward to working with all of you to make this vision our reality.

    3-Year Strategic Plan

    We recently released a request for proposal (RFP) for a vendor to prepare a 3-Year Strategic Technology Plan for the City of Roseville. The 3-Year Strategic Technology Plan will be a big picture document that complies with contemporary municipal technology planning standards; and will guide the City’s business technology efforts and resources toward a clearly defined vision for its future.

    The RFP will include strategies and direction to accomplish the City's and Departmental goals and initiatives. The 3-Year Strategic Technology Plan will also include actions to enhance the success of the City. The upcoming goals will have short, medium, and long-term strategies. This will enable the City to experience some quick successes, as well as set the direction for our future.

    2 New Vehicles

    During the 1st Quarter of 2012, we were fortunate enough to receive two NEW vehicles for our IT fleet. The first vehicle is a Ford Trans Connect vehicle that will accommodate our new PC Training Cart. This vehicle will allow IT to transport our mobile training cart with ease to departments throughout the City when computer specific training is needed. Our other vehicle is a Ford Fusion. This will be a great commuter car for our employees to service our customers throughout the city facilities. Both of these cars will be a great economical replacement to the Ford Aerostar and the GMC Green Safari Van! Not to mention, we will no longer need to pump the breaks in order to stop! J

    Volunteer/Intern Program

    Through these tough economic times, the City is looking for new ways to save money and still get the job done. For years the Police Department has utilized volunteers/interns to accomplish many routine tasks. IT will be implementing a similar program in the coming months. There are many benefits, including:

  • Interns are motivated student learners who contribute to business success through increased productivity
  • Interns/volunteers introduce innovative, fresh ideas and talent
  • Interns/volunteers often become reliable and skilled permanent employees 
  • Interns will work anywhere from 60-225 hours over a semester
  • Programs offer valuable career experience to participants and an opportunity to give back to the community

    Moving Forward - New Innovation Citywide Projects that support the City & IT Goals

    Project Title


    CAD/RMS Replacement for Public Safety

    This project will replace the antiquated Computer Aided Dispatch, Records Management System, and Jail Management System for Public Safety. This upgrade also allows for multi-regional systems, and will provide an opportunity for future partnerships with the CHP and AMR.

    CIS System Upgrade – Utility Billing

    The Utility Customer Information System (CIS) holds all of the utility customer information and creates utility bills for the City’s 60,000 utility accounts.

    ILS – Integrated Library System

    This project will replace the current outdated library system. It will include features customers have come to expect elsewhere, such as the ability to share their reading lists, be notified when new books are added, and engage in social networking. It will also allow greater Internet and software capabilities.

    Permits Upgrade

    Staff is implementing Accela Automation as the solution for a multi-department integration of online permitting improving the delivery of permitting services for the City’s internal and external customers. The solution will provide:

  • Internet access that is intuitive to the customer.
  • Online citizen access for fee estimation, permit submission, permit tracking and inspection scheduling.
  • Improve the consistency of development services while providing transparency in City actions to the customer.
  • SharePoint

    This year the IT department will roll out an upgrade to the SharePoint system. This will allow for shared resources in a centralized place, eliminating multiple copies stored on the various servers throughout the city. By utilizing SharePoint to manage documents, we have a record of who changed the document and when it was changed last.

    Mobile Solution

    Deployment of Mobile Solution in the field for multiple work groups. This will allow for many departments to conduct job functions at the work site rather than having to return to the office to finish the work. This may include updating traffic signals or messages due a large accident. Or by accessing GIS maps from a mobile device in the field. This will eliminate the need to involve paper maps and paper sketches with handwritten notes.

    EAM – Phase 3

    Phase 3 will involve the following departments:

    · EU Distribution and Collection

    · RE Distribution

    · IT

    · Fleet

    · Parks

    · GIS/Spatial (Public Works and EU)

    · Water Conservation

    · Storm

    · RE Substations

    · EU Solid Waste

    Project Management & Business Analysis Training

    The IT Department is offering training to our internal staff and individuals outside of IT responsible for managing large technology projects, with the goal of developing a trained team to ensure project success.

    Thank you for a great quarter and keep up the good work!