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April 9, 2011

Last Updated: 2/27/2013

These past few months have brought many changes and challenges. You all have risen to the occasion with exceptional strength and style! You have extended special effort on multiple fronts and it is greatly appreciated.

Significant Achievement (Virus Incident)
The virus outbreak in the city was a stressful and eye-opening experience. Thank you everyone for your hard work over and above the call of duty. Our team’s response to the crisis was thoroughly impressive and I have heard many positive things about our team from all levels of the city. Well done. While the situation was obviously not desirable, it will prove to be the catalyst for many positive changes throughout the organization (password changes, security awareness and knowledge extended to city employees, heightened security measures, etc…).

Customer Appreciation (IT Open House)
Thank you for the excellent showcase on the open house last month. As I am a visual learner just like the others, we all enjoyed seeing some of the programs the end-users had heard about in all the different meetings presented during the open house event. I know that putting an open house like this takes a lot of planning and hard work - I want everyone in IT (especially the WIP Team) to know that your work was very much appreciated. The survey and feedback information will be put together shortly by Wendy and Roger.

Consulting Studies (Infrastructure and Staffing Analysis, Security Compliance, Classification)
In an effort to optimize technology staffing citywide, as well as analyze IT security compliance, the City Manager has authorized us to hire a consultant to perform staffing and security analyses. The selected company will look at the existing organizational structure and develop a plan to help us continually improve services to the city. Additionally, the city is moving forward with the classification study that began years ago. I recognize these studies may cause stress and uncertainty. Please know that these efforts are for the purpose of making sure everyone is in the right place to help the organization meet the challenges ahead. During this uncertain time, I ask all team members to continue to provide exceptional service to our customers and support to our own team members.

FY2011/12 Budget (Information Technology)
Thank you to the Planning & Administration team for working with each division to identify budget needs. Budget is always a challenging time of year, so thank you to everyone for your commitment and flexibility during the process.

Change is inevitable in the world we live in, and we face new challenges every day. Rather than succumb to the pressure, if we rise up, focus on the task at hand and remain positive, we can accomplish more than we think is possible. If you would like any further information on any of these items, please do not hesitate to ask me. Thank you all for your hard work and support.

IT Management Team:
Mike Sinor, Art Vogtlin, Duke Arakaki, Tom Pelster, Scott Adrian, Hong Sae, Sally Streicher
(This communication message is designed to keep you informed of events, activities and news that affect the IT department and the City; we welcome your feedback, comments or ideas)

Thank you and have a great weekend!!!

Hong Sae (Sae)
Chief Information Officer
Information Technology Department