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February 4, 2011

Last Updated: 2/27/2013

Good Afternoon – Team IT,

January has been an exciting month for the IT department. All of you have been working tirelessly to resolve technology issues and complete important projects. Here is a recap of some recent activities.

Training Opportunities
Below is a list of all the recent training opportunities available or those we have taken advantage of. We still have funding budgeted for training, so I highly encourage managers and the team work together to make it happen. Training is important to our growth and vitality both individually and as an organization.
• Microsoft E-Learning – Enterprise Agreement (Implemented by Frank)
• Certified Ethical Hacker and Advanced Test Penetration programs (Norm had completed his dual security certifications)
• EAM – Systems Administration Training (Conducted online and Dan/Rosaland will be attending IBM conference)
• Windows 7 and Office 2010 Administration and Desktop Rollout (Jesse and Ryan attended / plans are coming)
• Oracle Database Administration (Frank is scheduled for March)
• ITIL Service Management (Holly will be utilizing online courses to fulfill this need)
• ESRI – GIS / Web Upgrade / Conference Training (Scott is working on the plan for the entire GIS Team)
• Project Management Office / Summit - Best Practices & Implementation (Sally in Mid January)
• Software Deployment Tools & Consulting Services (staff currently working on an RFQ to bring in consultant to assist the team)
• Networking Security & Assessment (a Draft RFP was presented by Dave before his departure)
• VMware Training (Data Center team member) and Upgrade Assessment (Work is in progress today with HP and Lilien)
• LSS / Best Quality / Performance Measurement (Carrie is studying for the most difficult LSS exam)
• Helpdesk Institute (Mike will be attending this educational conference)
• MS-SQL Database Administration
• IFAS – System Upgrade & Enhancement
• CIS – System Upgrade & Enhancement
• SIRE – Document / Record Management Training
• Service Desk – Certified Operation Technician
• Cisco Networking Communication

New Faces and Responsibilities
Many IT team members are working on cross-training both inside and outside their divisions. Additionally, we will be utilizing business vendors + contractors to support the Data Center and Service Desk workloads. The Public Safety team will be located at the Police Department and the Service Desk technicians will be rotating to provide onsite support to the Police Department.

GIS Success
The GIS team worked many weekend hours to successfully complete the RLI Migration. Well done gentlemen.

New Partnership
The TUG (Technology User Group) had its second meeting in January. Sally is chairing this group of 20, which includes power users from every department. The TUG is a two-way collaboration effort—IT can update our customers of changes as well as receive their feedback. This group is designed to be an advisory panel for IT initiatives.

Technology Governance – Looking Ahead
The Technology Governance process has nearly completed its cycle as staff had completed the presentation to the EMC. There are many good technology projects represented. Thank you to the Planning & Administration team and all the managers + project coordinators for their hard work and dedication to this important process. Please provide any feedback you may have with this program to both Sally and I.

Business Communication – Process Improvement (RFC)
Thank you to Carrie and all the IT team members who will be working to improve the RFC process. We can all agree there is value sharing RFC information internally; their task is to design the process to do it in the best way for our department team.

FY2011/12 Budget – Information Technology
February will be a busy month with budget preparation. The Planning & Administration team will be working with each division to identify budget needs.

February also houses the REACH campaign. Sally is organizing that effort for us, so please contact her directly if you are interested in participating or donating to a worthy charitable cause.

If you would like any further information on any of these items, please do not hesitate to ask me. Thank you all for your hard work and support.


IT Management Team
Mike Sinor / Art Vogtlin / Duke Arakaki
Tom Pelster / Scott Adrian
Hong Sae / Sally Streicher