GREEN GARDENER WORKSHOPS: Choosing UC Davis Arboretum All-Star Plants

All plants are not created equal.  Learn how to pick plants that will provide years of beauty in our hot, summer climate.

Composting Basics to Improve Soil Health
Bright and prolific blooms start with healthy plants. Learn how compost and organic fertilizers can enhance your flower garden. Each participating family will go home with a compost bin -- large vehicle needed to transport.

Course # 60117
$6 / $8

Irrigation Sysmte Overhaul - Preparing for Spring & Summer
It is time to test your irrigation sysmte and repair or replace missing drip emitters, broken sprinkler heads, and switch out old irrigation systems with new water-efficient varieties.  Learn the basics of irrigation sysmte troubleshooting and repairs; and the latestin water-saving technologies.

Course # 60118
$6 / $8

Introducing the UC Davis Arboretum All-Stars
The UC Davis Arboretum combined decades of research on finding the best selection of garden plants for our climate and soils.  Learn about these plants, create your wish list and attend their plant sale on April 6, 2013!

Course # 60119
$6 / $8

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