Roseville Fire Department Training at Estates & Harding through October 22nd

The Roseville Fire Department will be conducting training exercises at the buildings of the former Mountain Mike's Pizza and Firestone store near the corner of Estates Drive and Harding Blvd. through October 22, 2012.

"This is a unique and invaluable opportunity to train our firefighters in a commercial structure," said Assistant Fire Chief Jeff Carman.

The public can expect to see several fire apparatus, smoke, and firefighters working on the roofs of these buildings. The fire department will not set any fires as part of the training.

The buildings are owned by AutoZone, who have given the Roseville Fire Department permission to do the training. "We look forward to being an integral  part of your community for years to come and are glad we can accommodate, " said AutoZone's Mitch Bramlitt. AutoZone plans to raze the buildings after the training is complete and build a store in that location.

If you have concerns or questions about the fire training, call the Roseville Fire Department's administrative offices at 774-5800. Please do not call 9-1-1 with these questions.