Roseville Police warn lawn maintenace workers about thefts

Over the past month, several lawn-maintenance workers have reported equipment thefts to the Roseville Police Department.  The thieves are going to unattended lawn-maintenance company pickups and trailers during daytime hours, while crews are working in the area but are away from their trucks.  The thieves are cutting padlocks and cables, and stealing equipment like lawn mowers, leaf-blowers, power pruners and other such power tools.  Please:

  • If you're in the lawn-maintenance business, please mark your tools with paint or an engraver.  Make a list of all your tools, including the brand name, model and serial number, and keep it in a safe place in case your tools are stolen.
  • Keep an eye on your vehicles and equipment while you're working.
  • Call 9-1-1 immediately if your equipment is stolen, or you see anyone snooping around your pickup or trailer.  Be ready to give the dispatcher a description of the suspicious person and their vehicle, including their license plate number if possible.
  • If you use a lawn-maintenance service, please tell workers about this problem.  We've attached a flyer in both English and Spanish to this article that you can print and give to them.

( Printable flyer in English and Spanish )