MONTHLY GARDEN SERIES: October is "Fabulous Perennials!"

Composting Basics to Improve Soil Health (Course 1)
Learn how to turn kitchen scraps and yard waste into a free, natural amendment that will improve your soil and increase the productivity of your garden. Each participating family will go home with a compost bin -- truck, van or SUV needed to transport.

8:30AM - 10AM
Course: 60092

Jumpstarting Your Spring Landscape (Course 2)
Does your garden need a post-summer makeover? Now is the time to assess your current landscape, refresh your irrigation system and plan for a beautiful spring garden.

10:30AM - 12PM
Course: 60093

Planting Techniques and Preparing for Fall (Course 3)
Fall is the best season to plant bulbs and perennials, and many specialty plant sales take place this time of year. Learn how to pick plants species well suited for your landscape and planting techniques to ensure their long-term health.

12:30PM - 2PM
Course: 60094

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