Town Square construction begins

Last Updated: 7/31/2012

Construction on the Town Square in downtown Roseville is underway.

This project will establish a new public gathering space outside of the Civic Center.  This exciting new destination will include a water feature, large stage, colorful "rain" garden, and fire pit.  In addition, it will provide a wide variety of community activities, performances, and vendor fairs.  

Carter-Kelly Construction will begin installing fencing around the Town Square project perimeter. This will result in the permanent closure of the Civic Center parking lot . In addition, it eliminates parking on Grant Street, between Vernon and Oak Streets, throughout the length of the construction project.

Visitors to the Civic Center are encouraged to take advantage of the 550+ space parking garage located one block west of this location at 405 Vernon Street.

The Town Square is part of the Downtown Public Improvement Program - a collection of high priority public revitalization projects and programs for Downtown Roseville. Other important improvements you should see over the next three years:

Streetscape/Infrastructure Improvements: The vision for Downtown Roseville is filled with restaurants and cafes; retail, residential, and office development; a creek walk; arts; and entertainment. The utilities in the area must be able to support all of this. Later this year, we will upgrade water, sewer, storm drain, and electrical utilities, as well as improve the Downtown’s aesthetics and accessibility.

Roundabout:  The intersection of Oak Street and Washington Boulevard is one of the busiest in Downtown Roseville. A roundabout brings character to the area, enhances the pedestrian nature of downtown and improves traffic flow. It is one more metropolitan amenity for the City and a big step toward managing the projected increase in visits to the Downtown. It is scheduled to be installed at this intersection in 2013.

Bike Trail Extension/Downtown Bridges: Although Royer Park draws thousands of visitors every year, man-made and natural barriers separate this very active space from the rest of the Downtown. Three separate bridges, including a refurbished Ice House Bridge, will provide access between the park and the Oak/Vernon corridor. The Harding to Royer Bike Trail project will extend the existing Miner's Ravine Trail from Harding Boulevard to Downtown Roseville, and into Royer Park creating more easy access to the area. Look for these in 2015.

Fire Station #1 Relocation:  An important part of the Downtown, the Oak Street fire station will be relocated to the intersection of Lincoln and Oak Streets. This opens up a long stretch of City owned property along Dry Creek for public or private development. The ultimate vision is an active waterfront that combines cafes and a creek walk with office, retail, or residential space. But the first step is moving the Fire Station.

For questions about the Town Square construction or any of the Downtown Improvement Projects, contact Bill Aiken - Development Analyst at 916-774-5271 or