Electric Considers Upgrading the Power Plant's Liquid Management System

In an effort to improve efficiency and reliability at the Roseville Energy Park, electric utility officials will look at a new way to dispose of water used in the cooling process of the turbines.

Electric officials believe replacing the current liquid management process will enhance reliability and reduce costs to the ratepayers. Staff estimates the proposed liquid management system could save as much as $1.8 million annually in operation costs.

On July 18, the City Council unanimously authorized Roseville Electric to contract with Worley Parsons-Resource & Energy, to investigate a system where the recycled water used to cool the plant's combined cycle turbines would be injected into a well specifically designed for this purposed and located 2,300 feet underground.  A plant in Lodi currently uses this system for its plant which began operation in 1994.

The proposed injection area will be significantly below the existing underground aquifer layer. The Council’s decision authorizes additional investigation by the California Energy Commission and will require an environmental review under the California Environmental Quality Act.  During this investigative process, public outreach will play a key role.

For more information, please view the July 18 City Council item. Questions can also be sent to LiquidManagementSystem@roseville.ca.us or by calling 746-1699.