Fireworks Safety

Last Updated: 7/1/2015

In partnership with the Greater Sacramento Area Fireworks Task Force, the City of Roseville Police and Fire Departments have a "Zero Tolerance" policy regarding illegal fireworks.

Serious injuries and millions of dollars in property loss happen each year from wildfires sparked by fireworks. This year's extreme drought poses a particular threat for devastating fires throughout all of California.

Under California Law

  • Possession of illegal fireworks is considered a misdemeanor and punishable by fine of not less than $500 or by imprisonment for up to one year.
  • Persons found with a sufficient amount of illegal fireworks may be guilty of a felony, punished with up to $5000 in fines and/or imprisoned in a state prison or county jail.
  • Parents may be held liable for any damages or injuries caused by their children's use of illegal fireworks.
Illegal fireworks
  • Any firework which is not California State Fire Marshal approved is illegal.
  • If it goes up in the air , darts across the ground or explodes, it is illegal.
  • Examples of illegal fireworks include: cherry bombs, M-80's, M-100’s, firecrackers, bottle rockets, roman candles, aerial shells and mortars.
Each year in the United States, we celebrate the 4th of July with community parades, picnics, and barbeques. Fireworks during the 4th of July are as American as apple-pie, but did you know that more fires are reported on that day than on any other day of the year in the United States? Nearly half of these fires are caused by fireworks. The good news is you can enjoy your holiday and the fireworks, with just a few simple safety tips.

Keep Our Community Safe

Illegal fireworks can be turned in at the Roseville Fire Department fire station located at 401 Oak Street.

If you know anyone selling or using illegal fireworks in the City of Roseville, call the Police/Fire Department Communication Center non–emergency number at (916) 774-5000.

The City of Roseville encourages everyone to enjoy the 4th of July holiday safely. The Roseville Fire Department urges citizens to consider enjoying fireworks at public display shows. Fireworks of any kind can cause injuries and/or property damage. 

Safe and Sane Fireworks 
  • Discharge of Safe and Sane Fireworks is legal in the City of Roseville from 12:00pm on June 28 until 11:59pm on July 4.
  • Legal fireworks must be State Fire Marshal approved.
  • Legal fireworks are available for purchase at Roseville Fire Department approved fireworks stands.
  • Parents may be held liable for any damage or injuries caused by their children.
  • Possessing or using illegal fireworks is a misdemeanor.
 Keep You, Your Family, & Your Neighborhood Safe 
  •  Always have an adult present.
  • Use fireworks outdoors only.
  • Use fireworks in areas with hard surfaces.
  • Have a bucket of water and garden hose on-hand to store extinguished fireworks. It is recommended to let fireworks soak in the bucket of water overnight.
  • Do not drink alcohol while using fireworks.
  • Keep a close watch on children and pets.
  • Remember, sparklers reach a temperature of 1200° F and can cause serious burns.
  • If any burn occurs, treat with cool water and seek medical attention.


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