Roseville Recognized as Top Digital City

Last Updated: 10/2/2015

The City of Roseville, California has been recognized as the top digital city for its size in the United States by the Center of Digital Government and the National League of Cities.

The 11th-annual survey spotlights the municipalities that best show how information and communication technology are used to enhance public service. The City of Roseville placed first for cities with in a population ranging from 75,000 to124,999 citizens. The criteria used for evaluation include; IT Leadership, Strategies, Disciplines and Investments; IT Service Delivery, Responsiveness and Improvements; IT Innovation, Governance, Management and Funding; and Citizen Engagement, Open Government and Online Services.

Hong Sae, Chief Information Officer for the City of Roseville, explains a Governance program was put in place to fully align technology with the City redesign and improvement efforts have yielded significant business value within the organization. Although revenues are reduced from prior years, the City continues to focus on the delivery of quality municipal services. To capitalize on efficiencies and leverage staff resources, the City has developed strong strategic partnerships with other departments, businesses and neighboring jurisdictions. A sustainable organization has emerged, delivering core services and balancing operational expenses with ongoing revenues and resources.

"Cities that are investing in technology are capturing cost savings that are critical to continuity of operations and their ability to meet higher demand for services," said Todd Sander, director of Digital Communities. "The highest-ranking cities in the survey showed great strides in consolidating, enabling shared services, government transparency and communications interoperability. We applaud these innovators as they work in the spirit of collaboration to provide extraordinary value to constituents despite budget setbacks."

"Roseville's City Council and Public Affairs & Communications Department have placed a high priority on being transparent, providing transactional services, timely information and notifications to our residents, business and visitors online," said Lon Peterson, the City of Roseville's Digital Communications & Marketing Administrator. "The City's website is our Virtual City Hall where anyone can access our transactional services, e-mail notification subscriptions, events calendar, job openings, streamed public-meeting videos, social media channels, utility payments, library services and other dynamic content and media."

The Center for Digital Government is a national research and advisory institute on information technology policies and best practices in state and local government. The 2011 survey focused on the results achieved through the use of technology, both in terms of operating efficiencies and realizing strategic objectives.