Roseville Firefighters Help Lincoln with Railcar Fire

On August 23rd, that's exactly what the Roseville Fire Department did in the City of Lincoln when a 30,000 gallon tank car of propane caught fire and threatened to explode.

Almost immediately after arriving on scene, Lincoln firefighters asked for help from most of their surrounding neighbors and Roseville Fire Department was included. A total of 15 firefighters including 3 engine companies, a ladder truck company, the hazmat task force, a battalion chief and an assistant chief responded to assist Lincoln with this significant incident.

Several action plans were developed in the onset of the incident, however after evaluating each one it was decided to bring in a specialized team from the Dallas, Texas area to drill into the car and remove it's contents ("hot tap").

As preparations were made for that operation, businesses and occpuants were evacuated in case the container failed which would have caused a very large explosion and wide spread damage. 

As the "hot tap" operation was about to commence, it was determined that the car had emptied itslef of liquid propane and only gas remained, so the decision was made to allow the tank car to burn itself out.

Overall the operation took about 36 hours to complete, and first responders pumped several million gallons of cooling water during that time period. There were no injuries to first responders, and only minor injuries reported as a result of the incident.