Performing Scheduled Outages Keeps the Power On

Roseville Electric is dedicated to keeping the power on, but to ensure you have very reliable service, the utility's engineering and construction staff will turn it off from time-to-time.   

It may sound counter-intuitive, but, in order for crews to complete maintenance work on overhead and underground power lines safely, we will need to shut off the power.  While scheduled outages are a temporary inconvenience to our customers, the work our crews accomplish can prevent unexpected outages in the future. 

To ensure our customers know of power outages to perform maintenance work, Roseville Electric’s construction crews attempt  to reach customers several days in advance either in person or on the phone.  If this is unsuccessful, Roseville Electric crews leave residents a door hanger explaining the reason for the scheduled outage, the length of time it will be out and contact information.   

"We try to give our residential customers at least 48 hours advanced notice of a scheduled outage," says Tom Cox, Roseville Electric’s line crew supervisor.  “We do our best to accommodate our customers and work quickly to restore power.” 

If you have questions about scheduled outages in your area, call 79-POWER (797-6937).  You can also learn more about how to prepare for scheduled and unscheduled power outages by visiting