Bike and ride with Roseville Transit

Last Updated: 7/10/2015

You can go farther with Roseville Transit when combining your trip with a bike. All buses are equipped with two front-mounted bike racks, available on a first-come, first-served basis.

WATCH this video clip on how to load your bike.

Loading Bike Racks

  1. Squeeze the handle to lower the rack.
  2. Load your bicycle in the slot closest to the bus, if available.
  3. Raise the support arm up and over the front tire so it is secure.
  4. Board the bus and pay your fare.
Unloading Bike Racks
As you near your stop, tell the driver you will be removing your bicycle and use the front door to exit.
  1. Lift the support arm up and off the tire.
  2. Lift your bicycle out of the rack.
  3. Squeeze the handle and lift the rack to its upright position.
Caution: Use bicycle racks at your own risk. Roseville Transit is not liable or responsible for loss or damage to bicycles or personal injury that may occur as a result of using the racks.

Call 745-7560 for Roseville Transit information and trip planning assistance.