How loud is too loud?

Demystifying Roseville's Noise Ordinance

Loud music, parties, construction noise, revving motorcycles--noise is one of the most common concerns submitted to "Ask PD".   How loud is too loud? What does Roseville's municipal code say about noise? How can I make a noise complaint?

Roseville's noise ordinance is located in Chapter 9.24 of the Municipal Code. It is a fairly complex and technical ordinance, referring to decibel levels, ambient sound, scientific sound measuring techniques,  and sensitive receptors. In simple terms, the ordinance prohibits creating loud, unnecessary, excessive or offensive noise that disturbs the peace and quiet of a "reasonable person."  Most commonly, it  means making loud, sustained noise after 9 p.m. in residential areas.

Common sense and courtesy will prevent most neighborhood noise complaints. If you are bothered by loud or annoying noise, first try contacting the noise-generator yourself. Explain that the noise is bothering you, and ask them to quiet down.

If you're hosting a party, set the music so that you and your guests can hear it, but your neighbors can't.  Make sure your guests are courteous and mindful of neighbors who may be trying to sleep. Neighbors are less likely to complain if parties are infrequent, and the hosts have notified them in advance. If you host loud, raucous parties every weekend, you may expect complaints.

Roseville has another ordinance, 9.25 of the Municipal Code,  to address problems with loud parties and other loud disturbances requiring repeated police officer response. It is called the "Cost of Extraordinary Law Enforcement Services."  If officers are called to a loud party or other disturbance, they will issue a warning. If they are called back to the same location during the next 12 hours for the same problem, the City will bill the responsible party for the cost of the law enforcement response.

If you are bothered by what you feel is unreasonable noise, and talking to the responsible party hasn't helped, call the Police Department on the non-emergency number, 774-5000 extension 1. Do call while the noise is still occurring--don't wait until the next day.  An officer will respond when time permits, and ask the responsible party to quiet down. If a simple warning doesn't solve the problem, then citations or other enforcement actions may follow.

Mutual courtesy and neighborliness will solve most issues and promote friendly and livable neighborhoods.