Back to school!

Let's be safe around school campuses

Last Updated: 8/11/2015

Back to School safety tips for...

Parents and students

  • Traffic will be busy around your school. Be patient during these first few weeks of school. Allow plenty of extra time to get there and find a parking place. Always put safety before convenience.
  • Know your safe routes to school.  All campuses have designated entry and exit points for driving onto campus, parking, walking, and getting on and off school buses. These designated areas will be monitored by school staff.
  • Agree on a place to meet your student after school. This helps avoid panic and lost children reports, especially during the first few days of school.
  • Stop and park only in designated areas. Respect the needs of those who live near your campus.
  • Parents, make sure the school office has current emergency contact information for you.

Walking or biking to school?

  • Walking or biking to school is a great idea. To combat the common fear that walking to school isn't safe, City of Roseville traffic engineers and the Safe Routes to School Coordinators have designated safe routes for students of all ages and abilities. Visit
  • Parents may want to walk or bike along with their younger students to and from school. It's good exercise, it spares the air, and it  eases traffic congestion and parking problems around our school campuses.    
  • Those under the age of 18 must wear a helmet when bicycling, riding a scooter, skating or skateboarding.
  • Bicyclists on the roadway must ride in the same direction as vehicular traffic.
  • It's fine to bicycle on the sidewalks in Roseville (except Downtown and a few other designated areas), as long as bicyclists are courteous and careful around pedestrians.
  • Follow the instructions of school crossing guards.
  • Stow the headphones, and don't get caught up in talking or texting. Pay attention to what is going on around you.

Everyone Else

  • Be mindful of young pedestrians and bicyclists along routes to school.
  • Expect lots of extra traffic and congestion, especially during the first couple of weeks of school. Be patient--it will ease up. Allow extra time to get to your destination, or take a different route during school commute times.

Ride Roseville Transit
Take Roseville Transit back to school, find the bus routes to take you there.

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